My Life is Loki

And my heart belongs to tom

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Paula Stirling ‏@paulastirling83  

We thought we would bring #TomHiddleston some lunch #HighRise

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@twhiddleston Thank you for keeping your promise last night. You are such a gent! Thank you 

Eden Atchison @MusicMonkey1995

Just got a selfie with @twhiddleston best moment of my life #selfie #TomHiddleston 

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kittenball asked: Thorki "I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere."


Loki had disappeared almost right after their mother’s death. It took Thor a while  to actually realize it. At first, he had assumed that his brother simply needed some time, and that he would eventually come back, just like he always did. Oh, how wrong he had been. 

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