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Anonymous asked: i cant even explain how much i love your Nat and Steve fics!!! you are amazing!

*sobs* Seriously, you guys are the best.

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Anonymous asked: OMG WOMAN HOW DO YOU WRITE SO FAST? and still so flawlessly, im always in awe

Omg You’re so sweet! *blush*blush* Come off anon, you awesome person. <3

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Anonymous asked: Prompt 10. Can you have Natasha as character A and Steve as character B? Thanks!! And your writing is amazing!!! :D

((First off, thank you so much for the compliment! Second, I had this one and another anon request for this prompt, where Natasha is drunk and Steve has to take her home from the bar, so.. here we go. Hope it suits both of your tastes. ^^))

Steve had an unintentional passive-aggressive relationship with alcohol these days. Thanks to the serum, he could drink all he wanted and not get even a little lightheaded. Of course, he wasn’t that much of a drinker before, but it would have been nice to get a little bit of a buzz sometimes, whether that was during a party or just because he’d had a really shitty week. But he couldn’t. He’d gone through an entire bottle of whiskey when Bucky died and hadn’t felt a thing. Another bottle—scotch that time, from Tony’s secret stash—after SHIELD fell and Bucky ran off to God knows where. And now? Now, he was trying to figure out why anyone would choose to drink vodka.

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