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{That bitch made me so mad… I swear… It’s not that hard to be polite to someone, even if you’re not interested in them on a romantic level. UGgggg you guys have no idea how passionate I am about that.


#this #sit the fuck down I’m about to give you some frickity fracking life advice #don’t be a cunt. # you never know who’ s gonna turn into a star-spangled sex god. 

star-spangled sex god

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Mark Gatiss: “Tom Hiddleston would be wonderful in Sherlock”

Could the British actor be in line to play a third Holmes brother when the series returns?

Ever since Mycroft Holmes made reference to “the other one” in the Sherlock series three finale, Tom Hiddleston has been top of many fans’s lists to play the previously unknown third Holmes brother should he ever appear in the series.

The Thor star has just the right blend of eccentric Britishness, quirky good looks and on-screen intensity to convince as Benedict Cumberbatch’s second sibling.

And it seems Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss – who also happens to play Mycroft in the BBCdetective drama – agrees, admitting “Tom would be wonderful in Sherlock”, but adding “I’m sure but he only does movies now. What can I say?”

“I’ll ask him if you like,” Gatiss told an audience at a recent Q&A in Brazil, continuing (with tongue firmly in cheek), “Well it’s an internet rumour so it must be true. We might as well just wait and see what happens.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes stories make no reference to a third Holmes brother but Gatiss’s character told Sherlock at the end of final the episode His Last Vow “I’m not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one.”


God, yes please!

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thorki want

loki’s trying to hide his pregnancy from the rest of the world ‘cuz he doesn’t know how to tell thor about it and has to keep coming up with creative ways to shield his belly 

so like he wears these ridiculous robes all the time even when it’s hot and he’s just like walking around

and sometimes he holds turkeys in front of himself if he has to like talk to odin 

or like a bunch of flowers

or books

and one day thor is like ‘how come you’re always holding turkeys like I’m into it but that’s kinda weird and also we haven’t had sex in seven months like all the bjs are great but can I see you naked’ 

and then boop loki moves the turkey and WHOA there’s a baby in there and thor is like ‘this is even better than the turkey’ 

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Loki Week: Day One - Costumes

Loki’s Prison Clothes;

"While Loki is in captivity, he wears something very similar to his ‘walkabout’/casual look from the first Thor film. The original direction from Alan Taylor was that his prison look could be what he was wearing underneath his Avengers costume. Unfortunately, as I began exploring that, we found it to be too complex and cumbersome. So I used that idea as a starting point and simplified it, creating sleek and elegant lines that mirrored the idea that everything had been stripped away from Loki. He is barefoot and completely powerless. I also kept some of the motifs we used in the previous films, including the interlocking wraps of leather and cloth that can be seen on his arms and legs.” -Charlie Wen, concept artist

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what you thinking about?
oh, y'know, just wondering whether steve rogers has a refractory period